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Check out the Alberta Party platform, looks like a good balance between the NDP and UCP. This is a reminder that r/Alberta strives for factual and civil conversation when discussing political or other possibly controversial topics.

13 Aug 2020 … The Alberta government has appointed a panel for the school curriculum review but the choice of advisors is already causing controversy.

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25-03-2019  · UCP policy focuses on quicker fixes, usually by lowering costs and cutting or holding the line on spending. On Monday, Kenney rolled out an education policy that promises to “maintain or increase” annual funding, while finding savings in administration.

Education Heroes · Jason Kenney Must Apologize for His Racist and Divisive Policies · Kids Deserve Better · Tell Premier Kenney to take public health orders …

02-09-2020  · MP McPherson urges UCP to use federal dollars for education wisely. After successfully fighting to get federal funding to help with back to school this year, NDP MP for edmonton strathcona heather mcpherson is calling on Jason Kenney’s UCP government to make sure the federal money goes where it is most needed to keep Alberta kids safe.

27 Feb 2021 … The United Conservative Party (UCP) tabled Budget 2021 in the legislature on Feb. 25 and Alberta's Official Opposition is not very pleased with …

6 Apr 2021 … Alberta's Opposition NDP is pledging to undo the curriculum changes proposed by Jason Kenney's UCP government, if elected in 2023.

14 Apr 2021 … But that NDP curriculum process crashed over controversies around math and social studies education. The UCP vowed to axe the entire NDP …

6 Apr 2021 … Amid growing public disapproval of its draft K-6 curriculum, the UCP government is defending the document and its consultation process but …

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