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The official website of The United Conservative Party. Formed on July 22nd, 2017, the UCP has grown to become Canada's largest provincial party.

Public Inquiry into Anti-Alberta Energy Campaigns was a $3.5 million inquiry led by Steve Allan, commissioned on July 4, 2019 by newly elected Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and tasked with investigating foreign-funded efforts to undermine the oil and gas industry. Premier Kenney, whose United Conservative Party (UCP) had won a majority of seats in the 2019 Alberta general …

10-02-2017  · He’s running to destroy the party so that he can then form a new party that he’s going to run and become leader of,” Progressive Conservative Party member Jeffrey Rath told CBC Calgary. The Priddis-based lawyer has filed a complaint with his party alleging that leadership candidate Jason Kenney ’s vision runs counter to the party’s constitution and that he should be …

19-05-2021  · The lesson of Alberta’s 2015 and 2019 elections is that when conservatives are united, they win. When they aren’t, they lose. It’s up to …

Jason Kenny Ucp Conservative Party Platform Election Calgary Olds Didsbury 14-09-2021  · ucp conservative party platform election calgary alberta government Party hemmed in to the narrow and burgeoning Calgary–Edmonton corridor. Alberta is home to … Alberta’s
Jason Kenny Ucp Conservative Party Platform Election Calgary Voting Polls Edmonton 15-11-2021  · More than a quarter of the United Conservative Party’s constituency associations say they have passed a special motion that will force a leadership review

15-11-2021  · Really would like CP’s loud and proud band of conservative brothers, who were absolute regulars in this thread leading up to the last election, to come in here and defend their precious UCP party that they wanted in power here so much. Most of them have all disappeared like mice, nowhere to be seen.

Pat Nabong/Sun-Times Neighborhood groups across the city put the spotlight … according to the conservative Illinois Policy Institute. Cassandra Westover, the owner of Homegrown Wrappings …

19-11-2020  · Lobbyists With Ties to Jason Kenney’s UCP Are helping private health Companies Lobby Alberta’s Ministry of Health … are represented by lobbyists with close ties to Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party. … Here’s What Canada’s 3 Major Parties’ Climate Platforms Mean for Workers. 2 months ago . View the post.

16-11-2021  · UCP MLA unloads on Kenney, says party ‘cannot be salvaged’. An alberta united conservative party MLA says the party could be on the verge of collapse. Airdrie-Cochrane mla peter guthrie made the statement in a letter to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney on the eve of the party’s annual general meeting (agm) starting this Friday.

20 nov. 2021 … Premier Jason Kenney acknowledges the crowd following his keynote speech at the United Conservative Party annual general meeting in Calgary …

15 nov. 2021 … The move will be widely seen as one aiming to oust Premier Jason Kenney as party leader.

Premier Jason Kenney managed to out maneuver disgruntled united conservative party MLAs by convincing them to withdraw a motion of non-confidence by pushing …

Jason Kenny Ucp Conservative Party Platform Election Calgary Conservative Party Views On Healthcare CALGARY, Alberta, Oct 26 (Reuters) – Voters in Canada’s main oil-producing province, Alberta, strongly backed removing a commitment to redistribute wealth among provinces from the
Jason Kenny Ucp Conservative Party Platform Election Calgary Current Alberta Election Standings Jason Kenny Ucp Conservative party platform election calgary canadian Transfer Payments History Jason Kenny Ucp Conservative Party Platform Election Calgary Pc Leader In Alberta Lindell

"Commissioner Rob Manfred moved the All-Star Game from Atlanta, parroting dishonest, partisan talking points,” said a commercial by the Consumers’ Research, a conservative group. “Why is he …

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