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04-05-2021  · alberta premier jason kenney told a closed-door UCP caucus meeting on Sunday "I want a new base" as he slammed the rogue anti-lockdown rodeo in Bowden, the Western Standard has learned Kenney used the Sunday virtual caucus meeting to rail against the ‘No More Lockdowns Rodeo’, which attracted approximately 4,000-5,000 attendees over the weekend.

Kenney hints UCP would cut corporate taxes if elected Back to video. “Alberta had the highest levels of growth, the highest incomes, the highest levels …

Jason Kenny Calgary Premier Kenney Email “This event was compliant with the restrictions exemption program and we were at reduced capacity at the venue throughout the evening,” Prisco said in a
Jason Kenny Ucp Conservative Election Calgary Canada Voting Platforms At least that’s what Premier Jason Kenney was hoping for … Except COVID-19 had other plans, So, too, it turned out, did angry voters, disgruntled

18-08-2021  · From Conservative pillar to pariah in just two years. That’s been the fate of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, who, in 2019, was so revered in Conservative circles that he campaigned for Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) in Ontario in that year’s fall federal election. Since then, however, Kenney has devolved into the country’s […]

Jason Kenny Ucp Conservative Election Calgary Alberta Voting Information Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, facing a mushrooming COVID … within our health-care system until after the federal election,” Notley said Tuesday. “They put the politics

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