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Alberta on Friday reported its highest new daily case number since the first week of May because the province recorded 2,020 new cases of COVID-19 and 18 new deaths. 2,020 new cases – the highest ever in the province’s fourth wave – were detected in 17,327 tests, with a positive rate of 11.66 per cent. With 18 new deaths, the total number …

14-01-2020  · S o far, Jason Kenney and his united conservative party have picked fights with environmentalists, journalists, and academics in an ongoing campaign to defend Alberta’s beleaguered oil-and-gas industry. According to the premier, “foreign-funded special interests” have been waging an “anti-Alberta campaign,” one he’s made a lot of noise about stopping with, among other things…

03-06-2021  · Britanny Burr. June 03, 2021, 11:18 AM. June 03, 2021, 11:25 AM. Photos have surfaced of Alberta’s Premier Jason Kenney on a patio with three provincial ministers and at least two other people. The group appeared to be dining on the patio of Edmonton’s Sky Palace, and two bottles of wine and one bottle of whiskey are visible on the table.

Jason Kenny Calgary Conservatism Convention Jason Kenny Ucp Conservative Election Calgary Provincial Platforms Jason Kenny Calgary Edmonton Economy News Jason Kenny Calgary election colors canada heather mcpherson, New Democrat Member

18-12-2017  · Jason Kenney and the media describe Kenney’s win in the Calgary-Lougheed byelection with 71.5% of the votes as a “landslide” and the final tick in the box before Kenney cruises through the 2019 general election and sends Rachel Notley and the NDP packing. Maybe…maybe not. Consider the facts. The candidates Kenney has been on the…

10-06-2021  · Alberta Governor Jason Kenney has issued a stop order to a Calgary-based news outlet Because his lawyer called it “false and defamation allegations” in a recent article.. The letter from the lawyer obtained by CBC News concerns an article published on Wednesday by the Western Standards website, which claims that Kenny has held a social gathering at Bottega …

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