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17-10-2019  · A new Liberal government will increase the power of the federal privacy commissioner and create a new position of data commissioner, according to the party’s platform. It would also be a …

26-03-2019  · Representatives from the Calgary Board of … leader of the united conservative party, … Kenney unveiled the UCP’s education platform on Monday and outlined the need address declining test

conservative party calgary Riding Candidates 05-04-2019  · CALGARY—The six candidates vying for the highly contested riding of Calgary-Mountain View faced a packed room friday, with their platforms under scrutiny in …
Conservative Party Calgary Alberta Provincial Election Next Conservative Party Calgary Find Constituency Conservative Party Calgary ucp login 28-03-2019  · CALGARY, AB (March 28, 2019): united conservative leader jason kenney has issued a statement

The Conservative Party of Canada is proud of Canada’s oil and gas industry. … Calgary Conservatives have been actively fighting this destructive agenda, … additional information on the Conservative Party’s plan to grow our economy will be contained in our platform, which will be published in its entirety in the coming days. Green Party.

Conservative Party Calgary Canada Right Wing Party Tired of angry, divisive politics that seems hopelessly stuck in the past? The Alberta Party is a fresh, positive and creative approach to getting things

05-10-2019  · In addition, the Green Party promises to add an extra 5% surtax on the income of banks and levy a 0.2% tax on financial transactions. The Liberal and the Conservative platforms don’t promise any sweeping changes to corporate tax rates, but both offer targeted tax cuts for green industries.

Conservative Party Calgary Alberta Provincial Election EDMONTON – The Métis Nation of Alberta is taking the province to court over what it says is the government’s refusal to bring … conservative
Conservative Party Calgary Liberal Party Of Canada Views On Crime And Punishment Sabrina Grover has been acclaimed as the federal Liberal Party candidate in Calgary-Centre, according to a notice posted on … conservative party calgary When Is

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