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Alberta Provincial Election Calgary Medicine Party 15 jul. 2021 … premier jason kenney announced another set of referendum questions that will be added to the ballots in the province-wide October municipal …
Alberta Provincial Election Calgary Conservative Canada 21-09-2021  · Federal election 2021: chahal lone Liberal elected in Calgary CALGARY – The majority of Alberta’s 34 ridings have gone Conservative blue Monday night even

16-06-2021  · Add these potential votes with those who really do support an independent Alberta, and you may have a party strong enough to play spoiler in the next Alberta election. Follow 338Canada on Twitter

16-08-2021  · If you’re a Canadian citizen who is 18 or older and ready to participate in democracy — once you make sure you’re registered — you’ll have just about everything you need to vote in the federal election. But how you choose to cast your ballot is up to you. Here are all the different ways to make your voice heard on Sept. 20 in the 2021 federal election.

The Alberta Labour Relations Board is a provincial agency that regulates collective bargaining in Alberta. Do you have Questions regarding your Employment and COVID 19? The Employment Standards Branch is the government agency that can assist you. For information about the changes to the Employment Standards Code see:

24-02-2021  · So the Alberta NDP doesn’t need to worry too much about what the federal NDP is up to in terms of oil–they weren’t going to be able to outflank the Cons on that front anyway. The NDP needs the conversation to be about corruption, good government, health care, education, economic diversification, right now coal mines–almost everything except oil.

03-04-2019  · The Alberta NDP don’t need to win the popular vote, they just need to hang onto 44 seats, however narrowly. To do this, the NDP’s …

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