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08-11-2021  · The provincial government is having it both ways on their equalization referendum. The results from the municipal election on Oct. 18 with the most material bearing on our lives, are those from City Hall. But for my fellow politicos, the most interesting set of results are those from Alberta’s equalization referendum.

01-10-2021  · Albertans will cast their ballot in the first provincial referendum in half a century during the municipal election this October. This three-part series seeks to illustrate the importance of the historical shift in perspective undergone by referendums, weaknesses in the rationale behind the upcoming Alberta referendum and raise issues that need to be addressed when citizens are empowered to …

Gradually they could afford to purchase a few items without advance payment … 1977 The Canadian Mountain Co-operative votes to be absorbed by MEC, and three members drive a U-haul full of gear to …

17-10-2021  · University of Calgary economist Trevor Tombe, who has taken the No side in recent debates with Bewick, said Alberta already has the power to discuss its equalization concerns with Ottawa. But he said the referendum question — on its face — is a dismaying rejection of long-held Alberta values toward fellow Canadians.

First Reading is a daily newsletter keeping you posted on the travails of Canadian … province was not mentioned, this is usually where we mention that more than half of all equalization payments …

Alberta Provincial Election Calgary Kenny Edmonton The province’s vaccine record website experienced a … "The government had months to plan and they continue to fail Alberta families," the NDP MLA for

After such a promising start to the year it’s safe to say that 2021 has been a bust for Canadian … as Alberta, where they have the largest number of stores among retailers in the province.

Alberta Provincial Election Calgary Alberta Where To Vote Michael Scrase, Gregory Shannon, and Olugbenga Shoyele have joined the Provincial … Alberta in 2003. Mah, who will work in the Calgary Criminal Division and

"Calgary-Skyview had a close result and this could have had an impact on the final outcome." It is an offence under the Canada Elections … battle in the history of the province, has had his …

ffThe Canadian mosaic supposedly allows for the growth … In Cree or English he has the gift of Demosthenes. At an Alberta Liberal Party convention a year ago in Calgary, he received a 10-minute …

Alberta Provincial Election Calgary Conservitives Alberta provincial election calgary ottawa centre Pc Candidate The 1,947km (1,210-mile) Keystone XL pipeline would have shipped 830,000 barrels of oil per day from the

05-10-2021  · Oct. 5, 2021 Equalization costs each Albertan $650 in 2021. EDMONTON, AB: The canadian taxpayers federation released analysis today showing equalization cost each Albertan an average of $650 this year. “Alberta taxpayers have paid billions of dollars through equalization, but politicians in other provinces and Ottawa continue to make it harder for our families to put food on the …

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